About Us

Social gatherings that brings together speakers with different backgrounds and roles from within the food community.

The social gathering is more than hearing great people talk about their passion, it is also a chance for the community to meet and mingle. Sometimes there will also be appetizers and beverages served and presented by the hosting restaurant/event space,. After each of the talks we open the floor to questions from anyone in attendance who will benefit from the answers from our leading panel of experts.

Each Food Talks is Moderated by Richard Wolak

Richard Wolak is host of the weekly “The Best and the Foodiest” segment on CKNW 980 AM, is the co-host of the weekly podcast “Food Glorious Food” at CKNW.com and is a regular guest contributor on the Global TV Weekend Morning News as well as Weekend Noon.  He is the author of three books, including Cafes Vancouver, and is the founder, writer and editor of the popular blog VancouverFoodster.com.  He created the Food Talks speaker series in 2012 as well as the Tasting Plates food tours.  You can follow Richard on Twitter and Instagram @vanfoodster.

Food Talks was founded by Richard Wolak who also created Vancouver Foodster and Taste and Sip Magazine, he resides in Vancouver, Canada. Events produced by CMI Chat Media Inc which is also the parent company of Food Talks.

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