Food Talks Vol 17

Food Talks Vol 17 Speakers (from left to right) Raveena Oberoi, Mark Singson, Will Lew, Dez Lo, Warren Chow, and Tushar Tondvalkar.

On November 20 we presented the 17th event in this Food Talks series which featured 6 inspiring chefs speakers from the food and beverages community who spoke about themselves and our Theme: It’s a Jungle Out There.

The evening began as guests mingled over delicious appetizers from Toloache Mexican Kitchen enjoying Barbacoa Sope, Chorizo empanada, Street corn in a cup and Toastadas.

Richard Wolak (Host and Founder of Food Talks and Vancouver Foodster) welcomed all and introduced our speakers.

Chef Will Lew

Chef Dez Lo

Chef Mark Singson

Chef Warren Chow

Chef Raveena Oberoi

Chef Tushar Tondvalkar

There was a Q & A following the speakers which Richard Wolak moderated and guests had a chance to ask questions and engage with the speakers.

Thank you to our host Toloache Mexican Kitchen, Phil Chin of Tin Type Portraits for filming and Birds in the House Productions for editing.

By: Richard Wolak