Food Talks Volume 11

FoodTalksYVR Entrepreneurs

Food Talks Vol 11 Speakers (from left to right) Lauren Elbe, Ken Beattie, Paul Davidescu, Steve Hodge and Yashar Nijati.

On September 16 we presented the eleventh event in this Food Talks series which featured 5 inspiring speakers from our community who spoke about themselves and our Theme: Innovation in our Food Community.

food talks 11 1

The evening began as guests mingled over coffee and tea from the host location Lost & Found Cafe.

food talks 11 2

Yashar Nijati

Founder – Yummus Organics

food talks 11 3

Lauren Elbe

Founder – Nuez Milk

food talks 11 4

Paul Davidescu

Co-Founder – Tangoo

food talks 11 5

Steve Hodge

Pastry Chef and Owner of Temper Pastry

food talks 11 6

Ken Beattie

Beer Educator – Eureka Beer Guide

food talks 11 7

There was a Q & A following the speakers which Richard Wolak moderated and guests had a chance to ask questions and engage with the speakers.

Thank you to our Videographer Geoff Peters, and our volunteer Stephanie. Photo credit for group shot The Food Gays.

By: Richard Wolak